What makes LEDs eco friendly

What makes LEDs eco friendly

What makes LEDs eco friendly

Being eco friendly and trying to combat climate change is a major challenge of our time. Sometimes, the largest impact is by taking a relatively small step. While most of us are aware of eco friendly processes like recycling, we’re still unaware of the progress the lighting industry has made in this regard. These technological advances have helped reduce the energy consumption of all different facilities- private residence, factories, multi-residential buildings and workplaces by significant levels.

LEDs are energy efficient

LEDs are almost 80% more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lights. While the former converts 95% energy into light and wastes only 5% heat, the latter converts 95% of energy to heat and only 5% into light!
This also means that an LED light draws lesser power and gives off the same intensity as a traditional bulb. Less energy consumed translates to fewer dollars spent. Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also saving money.

No Toxic Emanations

LED lights do not contain any toxic elements unlike CFL and fluorescent tubes which contain and emit mercury. Most people do not know that they should be recycling their old CFL bulbs or fluorescent tubes at a hazardous waste facility because of the amount of trace mercury found in each bulb. Switching to LED avoids an environmental hazard.

Lesser Lights are Needed

While traditional lights waste light by disseminating it in all directions, LED bulbs to show a better focus and light distribution. The result is that only the areas which need to be lit are lit.

This also means that lesser LED lights are required to achieve the same brightness in space as compared to fluorescents and incandescent. This has a serious environmental implication – it will reduce energy consumption and increase monetary savings.

LEDs have a better lifespan

One of the most amazing things about LEDs are their longevity. In fact, their average lifespan is 6 times more than that of fluorescent bulbs. Putting aside the environmental impact- your facility maintenance fees will be reduced significantly as fewer bulbs will need to be replaced. Think about all the time and money one can save by switching to led.