Energy Saving LED Lighting Accessories

Energy Saving LED Lighting Accessories

LED lighting itself is a big upgrade over incandescents, halogens and even fluorescents as far as energy savings are concerned. But did you know that combining LED lighting accessories with energy efficient lighting can further drive down energy costs? Protect your bulbs? Improve lighting levels? Improve look of interior aesthetics? All of this is possible with the right accessories.

Below are options to consider when upgrading to LED lighting:

LED Fixtures


Depending on where the lights are located, some lighting requires the lighting to be waterproof. Particularly in outdoor installations or where moisture and condensation are common. An example would be our most popular VapourTight Fixtures which have an IP Rating of 65 (fancy wording for waterproof) and are actually shock proof and UV resistant. They are also equipped with anti-theft locking system – keeping your LED tubes safe from burglary. The fixtures can also be row mounted, as they are approved for such use.

Before you go ahead and purchase the cheapest option, consider the requirements of the property you are retrofitting. If there is ANY potential of water coming in contact with your lighting it is better to protect against such damage initially than to have additional maintenance costs down the road.

Motion Sensor Compatible? Yes.


Made out of galvanized steel, impact proof and designed to withstand corrosion the Wireguard fixtures are an ideal solution for manufacturing, industrial and warehousing applications where durability is of main concern. These fixtures have been approved for row mounting which allows for unity in designing the layout of the lighting infrastructure.

Motion Sensor Compatible? Yes.


Most of commercial office or common areas now take into consideration interior design aspects. designer fixtures have been created: to look good and work with majority of interior design ideas.
Plunking a fixture that does not work with the overall design of the space can take away from the intended look.

This is why they are designed for spaces where ceiling/work area is being viewed for extended period of time so as not to hurt the eyes. With a sleek, modern design they can accommodate majority of interior layouts and not be an eye sore.

Motion Sensor Compatible? Yes.


Similar to the Wireguard fixtures above, the strip fixtures are designed for row mounting and are able to withstand impact. The difference is that these fixtures come with connector parts to connect each fixture in a row. This increases lighting levels and creates a unified infrastructure that gives off plenty of light necessary in all sorts of applications.

Motion Sensor Compatible? Yes.

Motion Sensors

Built-In Sensors

Some LED lighting fixtures come with built in motion sensors – eliminating the need for additional setup or installation. Easy to setup and control, these options allow for greater energy savings and are ideal for use in applications such as underground parking garages.

One of our products, the commercial troffer, even comes equipped with a remote controlled motion sensor allowing users to adjust settings at any point. This allows for great flexibility and ease of operation.

Infrared Motion Sensors

Unlike the built-in sensors above, majority of fixtures require an external motion detector to be added. Infrared motion sensors are the most common and can increase energy savings of bulbs by as much as 50% in addition to the already incurred savings from LED technology.

Most motion sensors can detect motion up to 10 meters in range and have time settings that range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, giving you the flexibility to configure the fixtures to your preference. They are a fantastic addition to LED lighting as they not only save energy but prolong the life expectancy of T8 LED tubes from 5 years up to 7 years!

Alternating Motion Technology

Motion sensors work great – however, if they control only one bulb while the other one always stays on then the one bulb will always wear out faster than the motion controlled one. Fortunately, there is alternating motion sensor technology available where each bulb is rotated by the motion sensor – allow for equal usage of each tube.

This is ideal for uses in 24/7 applications such as underground parking garages where there needs to be a certain level of light at all times. Instead of us taking you through the details in writing, have a look at the short, descriptive video below: