Tips For The Best Warehouse lighting

Tips For The Best Warehouse lighting

For years warehouse facility operators have been struggling to reconcile paying high energy prices to ensure lighting levels are met.

Thankfully, LED technology has eliminated this problem by providing solutions that offer high light output with low energy consumption.


Lighting design is paramount when dealing with a warehousing facility as often ceiling heights exceed twenty-five feet. Having a proper warehouse lighting design or LM79 photometric distribution chart is crucial. This will help ensure an even light level and distribution throughout the facility.

Choose LEDs Over HID/HPS/M/H

Traditional HID light operates on high power ballasts. These ballasts consume large amounts of energy and emit a large amount of heat. LEDs not only provide better, brighter light, but they also prove to be a bonus in this regard as very little heat is emitted.. LED use 60-90% less energy than a traditional HID bulb, while still producing vibrant, bright light. Improve your workspace while lowering energy bills!

Choose The Lighting Color

It is important to remember colour temperature, or light “colour” when choosing your solution. Colour temperature of a light source is measured in a unit of kelvin. A “warmer” commercial light is closer to 2700k while a “cooler” light is often closer to 5000k. Studies have shown that warehouse lighting colour impacts workers productivity. A warmer hue may invoke a more relaxed environment while a cooler colour evokes more alertness.

Save Energy

The principle benefits of converting your facility to LED lighting are energy efficiency, maintenance/hassle-free, eco-friendly and money smart. There is not an easier, less expensive retrofit solution for any facility than converting to LED lighting. It will pay for itself within months while the energy and monetary savings will continue for years.